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Stash and dash. Store and snore.

Group Hug

This is my precious Dax. Sleeping. Not an uncommon position for him! He has one of his favorite woogies lying on top of him. Funny guy! I miss him a LOT.
This is Jackson enjoying his Woogie Whomper. This is one of the prototypes. He was a real trouper to help us out in the testing phase. Thank you Jackson.
This is precious Iggy. Iggy was one of our original testers. Here he's on one of our prototypes. He was instrumental in helping us get the right fabric grade because he's a digger, just like Vector. He did such a good job, he now has his own Woogie Whomper named after him — Iggy. Thank you Iggy.
This is precious Zoe relaxing on her Callie Woogie Whomper. She's a Texas princess (just like her mama). Daddy says she's spoiled but mommy says she isn't. She loves sunbathing, whooping up on her boy brothers and stealing their toys. Thank goodness they each have their own Woogie Whomper.
This is sweet, kind, wonderful little Grim. He's sleeping on one of our prototype Woogie Whompers. Thank you Grim for testing them all out for us!
This is the amazing non-beagle Louis P Wayne. He is a little big for his Woogie Whomper but he does love to play with it and then relax. He decided he liked the Hershey Woogie Whomper the best. He loves it!
Here is Iggy again. This time he's going inside for one of his toys. He loves playing this game.
Here is our unique Harry going in for his toys. He loves to play hide-and-seek with his namesake Woogie Whomper. That is, until big brother Bruce says, "enough is enough."
This is Maya sitting on one of the early prototypes. She's looking quite cute and comfy.
This is Luci on her Woogie Whomper -- well, actually, she's on her sister's Woogie Whomper.
This is Luciano hugging on his Woogie Whomper. He's decided not to wait for the Kitty Whomper version!
Luciano keeps turning his Woogie Whomper over and getting inside. I leave the zipper open for him. I don't know!
Trebuchet in her favorite winter spot — on her Woogie Whomper in front of the fire. Brother Vector looking on. She will stay there until she gets so hot, she pops up like a missle and runs to the tile to cool off. Only to come back once she's cooled down. I don't know!
A nice note from Annabelle letting us know she loves her new Woogie Whomper. She has one of the smaller Whompers — Chelsea 26"
A sweet note from Mikey (the Sherif) saying thank you for his Woogie Whomper! Love that boy!
Kathy hugging on her Daxie.
More squeezing of Dax. Never enough of that!!!
Kathy smooching on Smiling Dax. I love, love, love that smile.
Trebuchet huggin on Dax. We all hug on Dax!
Kathy hugging on a young Trebuchet.
Vector hugging on Trisha.
Vector and Pasquale .... hugging? Maybe? Well, it's a love wrestle actually. They do this all the time.
Now that's more like it. Pasquale calming Vector down enough to say I Love You Too!
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