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Stash and dash. Store and snore.

Vector Tales

Yipe — He’s bugging me again!


Yes Trebuchet. Everything Okay?


What’s wrong?

He’s bugging me again. He keeps screaming. Here Listen…

Oh. That hurts my ears.

Your ears. What about mine? Mine are like 4 zillion times more sensitive.

I’m sorry Trebuchet.

Well, can’t you do that thing where you separate us?

That’s hard to do from a distance. Let me talk to him. Put the phone down for him.




Trebuchet feels you are invading her space again. Didn’t we talk about this?

Yes but I want her space. And her toy. And that chewy she has.

I understand but those are her things.


Well, you need to be happy with your things. You know, you have the exact same things.

They are not the same things.

They are.

They are not.

They are.

Whatever. Can I have a treat when you get home?

Maybe. If you do me this favor. Can you please not scream. It hurts our ears.

I’m not screaming. I’m channeling.

Channeling? Who are you channeling?

A screamer.

Okay, well can you channel Mozart or someone less noisy?

Who’s Mozart?

Never mind. Go take a nap please.


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