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Stash and dash. Store and snore.

Vector Tales

Vector Tales - Filet Mignon




Hi mom. What’s up?


Well, I got a call from Mario today. I asked him not to send you any more filet mignon. 




Doctor Dixon said you should eat more veggies.


Right. So I’m out hunting for my very survival and you want me to ignore the rabbit and grab the green bean? 


How were you going to pay for it?  


For what?


The filet?


Oh, well, I found some money?


Hummmm.  You’re not coaching again are you?




Vector. We talked about that. You may not be qualified for this. 


You keep telling me I can be, do or have anything I want.


I know. It’s confusing. Well, promise me you are reasonable with your rates. 


You bet. If they pay it, I take it. That seems reasonable to me… 




Gotta run. Love ya. 



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