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Bored Dog Invents New Bed/Activity And Wants Every COVID-Bored Dog To Have One!


June 16, 2020: Houston, Texas —  IsMore Pets is practically giving away their unique multi-functional dog beds — Woogie Whompers. The company invented this unique product to keep homes beautiful and to create a special bond between pet parents and their precious pets.


Woogie Whompers are designed with the beauty of your home in mind; answering the questions — Why do pet beds have to look like pet beds? Why can't they be part of your home furnishings? Why can't they be beautiful and functional at the same time? Why can't they be a toy and a way to help you keep the house tidy? Why can't you say "I love you" to both your home and your pet?


They are made with beautiful upholstery fabrics that are puppy-proof. Multi-functional: they are a comfortable bed, storage place for all their toys (woogies), play-time activity (hide-and-seek), and a travel suitcase, all in one well-designed product. 


COVID is putting stress on everyone, and this includes pets. While mom and dad are home more often, they need an easy way to play with their pets. They don't want to go out in the heat; they don't want to get dirty, but they want to love their pets. Parents can play hide-and-seek with their pets in the comfort of their homes with a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or phone in hand. 


It works like this: Watch Mazie Rae entertain herself



The company is selling these beds for $5 each. Cash and Carry only. First come, first serve. 


"When you have a pet, that makes you the luckiest person in the world. There is something about loving a pet that is deeply okay. It's like the one thing you don't have to explain or shy away from. I like to think about these Woogie Whompers as an all-day hug. A way to say, "I love you," even when I can't be there with them." — Kathy Ellis, Co-Founder


The sale is June 23rd through the 25th. If you are interested in getting your $5 Woogie Whomper, please contact the company at

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