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Stash and dash. Store and snore.

About Us

You have a pet and that makes you the luckiest person in the world. There is something about loving a pet that is deeply okay. It’s like the one thing you don’t have to explain or shy away from.

As a pet parent, the one thing I do think about is whether or not they know I love them. I really, really, want them to know how much I love and appreciate them. So when I travel, I always bring back a woogie squeaky toy and any cool new treat I see. I do my best to add variety to their meals so they don’t have to eat the same ole thing every day. I hug them and kiss them and take them for walks. We go to the local dog park almost every day. I play with them and tell them many times a day that I do love them.

I buy and do stuff for them because it makes me feel good and helps me know that they know I love them.

That’s also why we created the Woogie Whomper and Kitty Whomper. We wanted to create something that felt like love and joy and fun and togetherness. We wanted to create an all day hug. So that’s what these Whompers are... A way to show you love them by playing with them and their toys. And, it’s not one of those break a sweat, have to have the right shoes, it can’t be too hot or too cold, super slobbery, kind of play. It’s easy and you can do it right inside your comfortable home. Heck, you can even play with one hand holding a glass of wine or cup of coffee (depending on the play time). You technically don’t have to change clothes, though you’ll usually be sitting on the floor next to the Whomper.

It’s so much fun to watch them sneak inside to get their toys out. Quite often they do it on their own without any prodding or playing from us. It’s like they’ve mastered the hunt. They’ve conquered that woogie and that woogie now more rightfully belongs to them. Our dogs? Well, they have the whole “no woogie left behind” thing going on and wont’ stop until they‘ve pulled all of their woogies out of the Whomper. I confess our dogs have an unusually large collection of woogies. Perhaps this comes from not having any children. Hard to say.

Anyway, we want to be in the pet business because we love pets and we love pet people. We’ve had pets our whole life and our favorite people on the planet are pet people. They are different, happier. They are special. They care.

We’re also designers so the process of creating these Whompers is super fun and of course the fabric... Oh my. The amazing, beautiful, fun, happy, creative fabric that is out there is quite surprising and wonderful. We have so many other things we’re going to create too. It’s pretty fun!... Actually, it’s REALLY fun.

Who we are... We are Karl and Kathy and Nida and Trebuchet and Vector and Pasquale. 

ww family collage 80

We care what you think so let us know what questions you have. You can contact us here or call us at (281) 612-8630.

Thank for loving your pet.

Thank you for finding us.

Creating The Woogie Whomper

creating the woogie whomper

I’ll say that the creation of the Woogie Whomper was more of an evolution than one of those “Ah-ha, this is the thing that will change the world” kind of moments... more 

Retail Partners

We are proud to list these wonderful people as our partners. We are very appreciative of them and their customers. These beautiful souls took a chance on our new product and we can’t thank them enough. If you ever get a chance to visit their store, please do so, you’ll be surrounded by people who love and respect pets.

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