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Stash and dash. Store and snore.
Bored dog invents a clever toy
that also keeps mom happy (well, mostly).

Woogie Whompers are a pet bed, toy activity, toy stash, and travel carry-all, with a heavy-use light-weight design.


Luxurious furniture-grade fabric top and tough polyester bottom are both machine washable.

Five 1.5” nylon straps connect top to bottom. Hide toys (we call them “woogies”) in between the layers and let the fun begin!
There’s plenty of stretching space for small and medium sized dogs and lucky housecats on a Woogie Whomper.


Vector here. Thanks for stopping by. This is our website where we want you to know all about us and our Woogie Whomper.

What is a Woogie Whomper?

Well, the best way I can describe it is… it’s an all-day hug, a day long cuddle. It was inspired by my older brother Dax (2003-2015).

It’s my very own private room. It’s where I keep my most treasured woogie toys and other cool stuff I find. My sister has one too. She doesn’t keep as many cool things in hers as I do in mine though.

vector with stick 2017_kjk5025

It’s round and snuggly and my mom gave it to me. That’s why I call it an all-day hug. Because when she has to go away, I can get all wrapped up on my Woogie Whomper, on top of all my favorite toys, and go to sleep. It hugs me all day long.

Then, when she gets home. Oh my. That’s so, so much fun. It’s so exciting to hear the car drive up. Hear her footsteps. Hear the door open. Be right there jumping up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down.

And after she gets settled, she takes me to our Woogie Whomper and she and I play. I take the toys out, she puts them back in. I take them out, she puts them back in. I take them out, she puts them back in. It’s such fun.

Mom likes it because she says it’s so beautiful. She likes the fancy fabric. She also likes it when the woogie toys are inside rather than all over the house. I don’t like that part as much as she does. But, I do LOVE getting all the toys out. It’s like a never-ending surprise. Every time I stick my head inside, I come out with a new toy. How great is that!?

So, if you’d like to give your angel an all-day hug and hours of fun, fun, fun, fun fun, then you have discovered the best present E V E R. I promise. If you guys don’t love this as much as we do, then just send it back and we’ll give you your money back.

Anyway, please check it out here and let us know. Okay?


P.S. - Oh, I almost forgot. I have a blog and we have a newsletter. I’m pretty profound. Okay, I am making that up a little bit but, we do have lots of fun. Our motto…. “Choose Happy!” Give a click and hang out with us if you’d like.

P.P.S - Favor? Do you know anyone who loves pets? Well, anyone other than you? We know you do, that’s why you’re here and that’s why we love you! But, if you know of anyone who loves their dog or cat, would you please let them know about us? We would so appreciate your help in getting the word out.

For the most loved pets in the world!

Yeah, we LOVE em' We love them so much we just wanna smooch them all day long. Precious angels — this is for you!

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